6 Powerful Factors That Influence a Child’s Intellectual Development

Einstein. When we think about incredible braininess, nine out of ten times, that’s the name that pops into our heads. Einstein is best known for his theory of relativity, but that’s academic. He became the most renowned scientist of the 1900s, and his most famous equation is one that many of us learned before high school physics class: e=mc2.

Einstein’s work has become famous in Berlin Ohio and worldwide, for his contribution to numerous scientific developments, including the atomic bomb. Einstein earned the Nobel Prize in 1921, and Time magazine honored him in 2000 as the most important person of the 1900s.

How smart was Einstein? His extraordinary intelligence has often been compared with Sir Isaac Newton, and the whole line of Baby Einstein products have been named after him. But was Newton born smart or did he become smart? One of the main issues today about intelligence is related to the “Nature versus Nurture” debate. In other words, are genes or learning more influential on a child’s intelligence? How much do Baby Einstein products help in developing a child’s mind?

Researchers are continuing to learn about the impact of nature and nurture, on intelligence. However, they have already made some important discoveries:

1. Children learn differently. Some children learn more by seeing, while others learn better by seeing, or doing. Even children who grow up in the same family and learning environment can learn at different rates and in different ways.

2. The education and guidance that parents provide their children are the most important factors in nearly all children’s mental development. It should be noted that this also includes the support that they supply indirectly, through another means. For instance, when a parent provides his or her child with nursery school or Baby Einstein products, the child’s intellectual development can still be improved.

3. A system for a child’s learning should focus on multiple facets of a child’s development, rather than just one of them. Instead, it should develop the child’s total collection of experiences in the world. While it is important for a child to develop his or her logical skills, mastering the skills needed for language learning are just as important.

4. Creating experiences that allow children to learn will affect several aspects of their intelligence, such as their musical, linguistic, mathematical, creative, logical and interpersonal intelligences. That’s what makes Baby Einstein products so special. For example, Baby Einstein books not only introduce children to letters and numbers, but they also allow children to use different facets of their intelligence, to help improve their skills in other areas.

5. Parents in Berlin Ohio and elsewhere should help develop several of the intellectual building blocks that children need for learning, before he or she turns two-years-old. Thus, it is important to use products such as Baby Einstein books and Baby Einstein DVDs, to develop the mental skills that children will need for future learning.

6. Both “nature” and “nurture” are vital in shaping a child’s intelligence. It cannot be reasonably argued that only one aspect is important. Also, it cannot be proven that either factor is more important than the other one. While a child’s genes certainly have an influence on how intelligent he or she can become, nurturing is needed in order to mold those genes into a mind that is ready to learn, and is capable of learning.

Researchers will continue to learn the ways that nature and nurture influence a child’s intellectual development. However, it is certainly clear that Baby Einstein products can improve this development in children living in Berlin Ohio and elsewhere. Maybe your child will be the next Einstein!