Types of the Names – Everything You Should Know

Have you ever wondered what a name is? Does it affect fate? Is it possible, by changing the name, to change destiny?

A name is a formula of fate, a program of life. The name helps a person to realize his mission, attract higher powers to the future, and understand the character problems that need to be worked on. An incorrectly chosen name leads a person to stagnation, deprives protection. To get out of the vicious circle, the name must be consciously changed.

Since ancient times, it is known about the connection of name and fate. Not without reason, during significant changes in the destiny of a person, the name changes: at baptism (name is the fate of a Christian), at marriage (name of the spouse is the fate associated with him), at the taking of a pseudonym (name is the fate of the writer), at initiation (name is spiritual fate).

Any name carries a lot of information. Parenting their child, parents give him a purpose in life, offer a particular way of being in this world. The name is a sound wave that has a direct impact on the formation of a person’s character traits, on his spiritual qualities, on his specific actions. No wonder all Olga are somewhat alike, just like all Ivana or Nikolai are alike.

What if a person doesn’t like his or her name?

Sometimes a person does not like the name was given to him. Because of him, he feels discomfort and insecurity. It happens in cases where the name weakens the date of birth and, with it, the natural potentialities of a person.

Not developing harmoniously, a person is in constant tension. In such cases, he develops protection artificially, unconsciously. For example, he calls himself another name or picks up a nickname (pseudonym). When meeting someone, they only say their last name (or they only call their husband by the previous name). And at the same time, they may be completely unaware of the motivating causes.

And some consciously, having determined the reason for their failures in life, choose a different name for themselves and change their passport. Performing this magical action, they come out of an unpleasant task and change their fate for the better.

Besides, for happy family life, it is essential that the names of the spouses are compatible with each other and not enter into dissonance. Some spouses, intuitively feeling the incompatibility of names, come up with affectionate names for each other to improve relationships: Sunny, Chick, Fish, Baby, etc. Spouses believe (and not without reason) that the new name helps mutual understanding and the strength of the relationship.

If you like your name, then a person has adequate self-esteem and can reveal his career potential. Life usually goes well.

Science has proven that a person’s name evokes a feeling of euphoria and calmness. And it is desirable to pronounce it more often.

The study of the relationship of a person’s name with his character, fate, was dealt with by prominent scientists: P. Florensky, A. Losev, L. Uspensky, P. Rouget, and others.

Names are different: male and female, harmonious and dissonant, common and rare, paired and unpaired.

In olden times, names were often given in honour of the ruling monarch, members of the royal family, aristocrats, famous people, wanting to convey a happy, prosperous fate to the child along with the name. Or they chose the name according to the church calendar in the hope that the saint whose name the child is named will patronize the baby throughout his life. This magic trick is called “connecting.”

At present, they usually give a name in honor of a prosperous relative, call children the names of presidents, famous politicians, favourite writers, actors, scientists, athletes. Or still, refer to the church calendar. Or choose a name intuitively.

Each person has several names

– Personal name. It may have options (for example, the official – Natalya, the diminutive – Natasha, the abbreviated – Nata, etc.).

– Family name (last name, patronymic).

– Secret name (given by a priest at baptism or by a spiritual teacher at consecration).

– An arbitrary name that can change throughout life (aliases, nicknames, etc.).

The magic of pseudonyms is especially relevant in literature, politics, and show business. It is advisable to take a creative name and surname to work in art.

The nickname is a name-sticking. Surrounding people intuitively feel that the character of a person corresponds to one or another word that reflects its essence. For example, Leonid everyone around is called “Shurik”, or Sergei colleagues at work and friends are called “Jim”.

It includes affectionate family nicknames: bird, fish, sun, bunny, etc.